Wedding Photographer Wine and Roses County Estates
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Wedding Photographer Wine and Roses County Estates

The weather on this particular October wedding day was anything but usual. Blue skies, stormy clouds, pelting rain, whipping wind sent leavings swirling like snowfall off trees, ended with a power outage two hours before the wanted outdoor wedding converted to an indoor rustic ceremony at Wine and Roses Country Estates in Auburn,Wa. Ryan and Jacy always bring their arsenal of photography gear to all weddings to compensate with all the unknowns that happen on such planed out days. Earlier Ryan had already plugged in two high powered flashes into external battery packs in the loft of the barn to be able to continue photographing family pictures during the power outage. To all our relief, the power came back on twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony. Because of the dark weather outside and the dimly lit inside, Ryan and Jacy continued to shoot with flash throughout the ceremony. For this image, Ryan was able to correctly expose the bride and groom at the alter with the external flash and walk outside the barn to give a feeling of peeking in on an emotional moment during the wedding.

Location: Wine and Roses Country Estates - Auburn, WA.

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