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• Up to four 1080p True HD Cameras

• Your Music Video posted online & on your DVD

• Your fully-edited Feature Film fils two DVDs with animated Menus

• Discreet mics for your groom, minister, musicians and PA plus ambient & shotgun mics

Wedding Videography for Your Vows and Toasts

The sweetness of married life is looking back with satisfaction. As your memories fade, you hold in your hands a DVD-set to vividly bring you back. Your words of commitment and the faith in your voice had been filmed by your wedding videographer in HD. You successfully avoided what is widely considered the #1 regret of fellow newlyweds - no wedding video.* But today yours plays on your seventh anniversary, as you hear friends and family lift their glasses and speak long-forgotten words of encouragement. It plays during the biggest trial of your marriage and pulls you through your tears. It plays to the eyes of your children. Grandchildren. Great-grandchildren.

As Seattle wedding videographers, we film silently, at a respectful distance. With multiple cameras, we choose the best shot for the moment. We use pro lapel mics to record your vows and the conviction that comes with them.

Your friend or uncle's camcorder may capture a dark, shakey, inaudible video. So set them free! With us, our livelihood is at stake and we are financially accountable. We won't take forever to edit or cause a rift. With Legacy wedding videography, those who couldn't attend can even watch your Music Video online. Your royalty-free DVD set is a fully edited real-time feature video production, including color grading and sound mastery. Your DVDs are professionally labeled (no stickers) and come in a magnetic case.

Personally, most of what we remember from our wedding came from what was captured by our Seattle wedding videographer. We've seen our photos just a few times, but often watch our video because there are so many details captured. With HD, cinematic wedding videography is now the norm. Why settle for just high-res stills when you can have 30 high-res images per second - plus precious audio! Let's meet soon, so your budget can reflect the things that will last.

* says, "Cinematic videos are huge - videography should not be overlooked. it's the #1 regret - don't make it yours!"

Legacy High Definition Videography

Legacy Videography is a husband/wife team filming weddings & events in

cinematic/photojournalistic style

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