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Fun Facts about Ryan and Jacy, and our family

  • Ryan and I have been best friends since high school.  He won my heart by chilverously opening doors carrying my books, and surprising me multiple times with Jamba Juice in my locker....among many other things that captured my heart. 
  • Engaged at 18 and 19, happily married for 14 years, we have four children ages 11, 9, 7 and 4.  We picked three girl's names and one boy's name six months after we were married, so choosing their names 3, 5, 7 and 10 years before they were born! 
  • February 2017 we bought a 1976 40' Cruise-a-home.  Ryan and I demolished the inside down to the haul and rebuilt her to accommodate our family of six.  Our family loves our new tiny living space on the water! To read more about our adventures of living on a boat, in 238 sq ft, you can visit my blog
  • "How hard can it be to learn something new" has become our mantra.
  • Two of our daughters dance classical ballet.  Our oldest daughter has performed in PNB's Nutcracker as a Toy Solider for three years.  
  • Our middle daughter is learning how to ride a horse.  I chuckle how similar learning to ride is to raising children.
  • We love cruising the Sound any chance we get!  This last year was so much fun cruising our boat to the weddings or Photo Booth events booked close to the water from the San Juan Islands to Edmonds.  
  • Our favorite meals are from Blue Apron.  I'm so thankful all the ingredients are portioned, so they fit nicely in our tiny kitchen.  My girls and I enjoy learning new culinary techniques with each new delicious dish we make.  
  • I walk a quarter mile to do our family's laundry, our hands are our dishwasher, and Ryan and I sleep on an inflatable air mattress on the kitchen table each night. :)
  • "All your Dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them." ~ Walt Disney            Living on a boat is our first step toward our ultimate family goal, which is to save for a sailing catamaran and circumnavigate the globe with our children, bringing our expertise of photography and videography to each destination we visit. 
  • Dingy rides in the marina are so much fun! Some of our favorite memories are with harbor seals. One swam right up to us and started nibbling on our oar, and another swam next to us and playfully jumped out of the water.  Mid summer, a momma seal gave birth at the end of our dock, delighting the kids and I to see something so new. 
  • We are always learning.
  • Rebuilding our boat, Ryan never drew blue prints. Inch by precious inch, we problem solved and puzzled pieced it together.  Down to the millimeter, everything fits perfectly! Visit my blog at to see our amazing 28 day rebuild transformation.
  • Trusty, from Disney's Lady in the Tramp, is the name of our six pound black shit-zu puppy.  I call him my forever baby because he loves to snuggle.
  • Sunrises and sunsets on the water...are breathtakingly gorgeous!!!  
  • For 14 years, Ryan and I have been season ticket subscribers to Seattle's 5th Ave Theater.  Since life can easily get so crazy, especially when children entered the picture, it became our guaranteed seven date nights a year. Two of our favorite shows have been Hairspray and The Adam's Family.  Ryan proposed to me after seeing Hairspray at the 5th in 2002.  As parents, The Adam's Family musical makes us both laugh and cry as we think of our own children so quickly growing up!

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