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FAQ's about Ryan & Jacy Photography's Studio

Are you the photographers who will shoot my wedding?  

Yes.  If you hired Ryan and Jacy, then Ryan and Jacy will be your photographers.  If you hired Luke and Trisha, then Luke and Trisha will be your photographers.  We will not split up a husband and wife team.  

How many other weddings do you photograph on a weekend?  

Lol! Hopefully one because we're utterly exhausted by the end! :) With the addition of Luke & Trisha to our studio, we can now book multiple weddings without losing creativity or splitting up a husband/wife team. Jacy and I book about 30 weddings a year. Luke and Trisha book about 15.

Will you have any assistants with you on that day?  

Possibly, but it will be communicated before the wedding day if anyone will be assisting us for your day.

How will you be dressed?  

Jacy and Trisha generally wear a classic black dress and Ryan and Luke generally wear black dress pants, a dark dress shirt and tie, and maybe a vest.

How long have you been shooting weddings?  

Ryan and Jacy have been photographing weddings as weekend warriors for six years and as full time self-employed wedding photographers for the last two years.  Luke and Trisha have been photographing weddings for the last year and are mentoring under Ryan and Jacy. 

Have you shot a wedding at my ceremony and reception venue? If not, do you plan to check it out in advance?  

There are literally thousands of wedding and reception venues in the greater Seattle area.  Jacy and I can make it a personal goal to photograph weddings at them all!! Unfortunately, we haven't reached that goal yet. :) That being said, hiring us, you are paying for our knowledge of our equipment to travis a myriad of potential problems that are outside our control.  One of our favorite weddings discussing this happened October 2015 where the outdoor country wedding turned into an indoor barn wedding where the power went out do to the pelting rain and whipping wind.  We reassured the bride we had everything under control, looked for the light and continued photographing bridal portraits and family portraits with our continuous light wands and battery powered flashes.  The photographs turned out amazing!! 

Do you have a portfolio of recent weddings you've shot - from start to finish - that I can browse? 

Absolutely!!  Just inquire and ask!! Lets have a conversation!  Until then, we have a few featured weddings as a video slideshow on our website, that showcase getting ready, first look, bridal portraits and ceremony.  Most, if not all of the photographs, were in our couple's wedding albums that Jacy built.

Have you ever worked with my videographer? Florist? DJ? Coordinator, etc.?  

If we haven't, Jacy and I, and Luke and Trisha are very easy to get along with and our ultimate concern is our couple's enjoyment of their wedding day. If you book with Ryan & Jacy Photography, I would love to help you out in any way I can and can provide you with a list of outstanding vendor's we've had the pleasure of working with at our previous weddings.

May I have a list of references? 

Please take a look at our Raves page and read a few of our client's testimonials about their wonderful experiences with us.

How would you describe your wedding photography style? 

Timeless, photojournalistic (to a degree), and artistic are definitely noteworthy adjectives to describe our style.  We shoot with album spreads in mind to tell the story of your day.  One bride described her experience with us as a beautiful choreography from one moment to the next.  We blend into the background and shot what unfolds before our lenses or encourage extra time where priceless moments need to take place, yet professionally take charge when its time for the favorite post ceremony family shot list.

What do you think makes your work distinct?  

Our couples trust us enough to be genuine for our lenses. Genuineness is caught in the eye 'squinch', the 'crows feet' or 'smile wrinkles'.  Its the look that a mom says, "That IS my son or daughter! How did you ever capture them like that?"  After genuineness, our photos are bright and cheery, not dark and moody. We manipulate light so there is highlight and shadow and dimension. We demonstrate how to stand and pose for the camera, where to put your hands and how to engage the lens.  All this is what makes our work of professional quality.

What type of equipment do you use? 

Jacy and I use Cannon 5D Mark III, which is exceptional for low light.  Our old Cannon 5D Mark II come with us as back up.  We have multiple speed lights, Elinchrom Octabanks, Ice Lights (continuous lights) and reflectors.  

Do you shoot in color and black and white? 

Every edited image you receive from Ryan & Jacy Photography will be in color.  The exception, if not upon request, is if color detracts from the emotion of the image.

If my wedding site is out of your area, do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover? 

Jacy and I are located in Woodinville.  We really don't charge travel fees for anywhere in Western Washington.  When have we photographed weddings out of state (Oregon, California and Hawaii), we requested a hotel room for the night of the wedding. If your wedding is outside Western Washington, we'd love to photograph your wedding! Let's have a conversation.

Do you offer a photo booth?  

Yes and it is the life of the reception!!!  Our Photo Booth is open air stand alone, with a built in flash so, a grouping of up to 15 people can squeeze together like sardines and be properly exposed, in focus, and each person can receive a print.  Our backdrops are top quality.  Our props are classic and heavy duty mustaches and glasses. We have chalkboard signs and a select few classic Disney props.  With our Photo Booth, each guest can text the image to themselves, and receive a 4x6 print. Ryan custom designs each template to fit perfectly with your event. 

What are your wedding albums like? 

Jacy and I shoot to tell the story of your day with wedding album spreads in mind.  Most all our packages come with the beginning of a wedding album.  Jacy will design the album for you to include the whole story of your day.  We will have you come back to our studio so we can present the finished album to you and discuss each spread to make sure your album is heirloom perfect.  We then discuss if there are any additional costs for your choice of album size be it additional pages beyond your package or up-grading from an 8x8 to 10x10 or beyond. Duplicate parent albums can be ordered. 

Do you provide retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services? 

Yes.  That being said, on the engagement session and wedding day, we strive to photograph the white balance or exposure, as correct as possible, in camera.  We pay attention to details as we look through our lens before we push the shutter button, so that Ryan does't have to photoshop what could easily have been fixed in a second. He edits all deliverable images so every one is cheery and bright.  

How long after the wedding will I receive my photos? 

Per our contract, you will receive your wedding photos within 60 business days in an online gallery that the bride and groom can download. The online gallery is categorized by event for easier search-ability at finding, flagging, and sharing favorite photos to Facebook.  From this gallery, the bride and groom and any guest may purchase professional prints that are archive quality at extremely reasonable prices, and will be mailed directly to that person.
Do you have backup equipment? 

Yes.  We have backup cameras, batteries, memory cards and multiple ways to manipulate or add additional light.  With two photographers, we are redundant to each other.  When we come home from a wedding, Ryan has quite the extensive uploading process with mirrored drives which then upload to a cloud and save all images there as well.  

What about a backup plan if you (or my scheduled photographer) are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason? 

First, Ryan and Jacy Photography is our 'baby' and livelihood. With great understanding, Weddings are Once in a Lifetime events, we will Never cancel on you. Jacy and I have, and will shot a wedding, if we are sick.  Its just what we need to do, and appreciate the extra grace our couples have given us as we continue to do our jobs with professionalism. Jacy and I also work with a network of other wedding photographers that are all in the same boat and cover for each other, at our own expense, if absolutely necessary.  Communication and honesty with our couples is of upmost priority to us!!  You will always be taken care of with Ryan & Jacy Photography.

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